Activities plays a vital role in shaping and moulding the personality of an individual. For all round development of the students St. Thomas has been managing activity classes. The activity classes are run every Thursday. Various types of co-curricular activities are conducted under the banner of activity classes i.e: Singing, Western Dance, Classical Dance, Keyboard, Yoga, Karate, Drawing. The students are free to opt for any one activity of their interest.

    Competitions : Different competitions are held at school to invoke in students competitive spirit in a free and fair way. Competitions conducted are Singing, Dance, Elocution, Debate, Declamation, Drawing, Poster-making, Rangoli, Skit, Calligraphy, Greeting card making etc.

    Olympiads : Science, Maths, English, Computer Olympiads are also arranged to encourage students.

    Mass Drills : The Physical training sessions are enhanced by different exercises and drills. Yoga is also conducted to give importance to a healthy living.

    Scout and Guide : The subject Scout and Guide is opted by the school for developing aesthetic sense of students. The students attend various Seminar, Camps and other storming sessions.

    Seminars : Various brainstorming sessions are conducted by renowned personalities for the all round development of students.

    Camps : Camps and trekking are arranged by the school for the Scout and Guide students to impart the importance of social service.

    Picnic : Every year the school management arranges picnic for students to energize and refresh them .

    Sports : Every game or sports with its own set of rules, cultivate team work, cooperation, leadership etc. in the students. So we have kabbadi, kho-kho, langadi, cricket, shot put, chess, carom, table tennis etc.