The School spans from class I – X. Formal teaching begins at class I, where subjects like English, Hindi, Marathi, Maths, EVS, Craft and Drawing are introduced. Computer starts from class I.


1. The School fees are payable for all 12 months of the year.
2. Payment is only through cheque in favor of St. Thomas High School.
3. Fees will be collected from 5th to 15th of every month.
4. Fees will be accepted on working days, during office hours: 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
5. Payment of fees after due date will be accepted only on 25th of every month with a fine of Rs.50 for all students.
6. The term fee will be collected in the months of July and January.
7. Pupils will not be allowed to appear for the terminal or final examination unless all fee dues are paid.
8. The fees of Class X must be cleared before 25th January.




The method used for the evaluation of the students is “Continuous Evaluation and Assessment of Board Learning”. It consist of two methods :

1) Formative Evaluation: Formative Evaluation is aimed at judging and promoting not only physical, intellectual and emotional development but also the total development of a student, to help him to become an Independent responsible citizen. It is an ongoing process of evaluation by using the techniques such as Daily Observation, Oral works (Questions and answer, loud reading in class oral conversation, playacting etc.), Practical Demonstration experiments, activities and action, projects, Random informal written tests, class work etc.

2)Summative Evaluation : It is composite evaluation done at the end of each semester. It consist of written, oral and practical questions depending of the subject.


All the students must attend the school only in the prescribed school uniform. A student not in uniform without sufficient reason is liable to be sent home.

STD I to VII : Biscuit colour half pants, Biscuit colour full pants.
STD VIII to X : Brown check short sleeved shirt, Black shoes. Biscuit colour socks, School tie and belt. Hair only military cut.
STD I to X : Brown check tunic, Biscuit colour short sleeved shirt, Black shoes, Biscuit colour socks, School tie and belt, Biscuit colour hair band/ribbon.
Winter Clothes: Coffee brown colour sweaters/Skin Colour Slacks.

Boys: Std. I to VII – Half white pants, T-Shirt, white canvas shoes and white socks.
Std. (VIII to X) Scout uniforms.
Girls: Std. I to VII – White skirt, T-shirt of respective house colour, white socks
Std. (VIII to X) Guide uniform with black slacks.




1. Books can be taken home for a period of one week (for Std VII to X).

2. A fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged if the books are not returned within the due date.


1. Attendance is compulsory.

2. A minimum attendance of 80% of the academic year is necessary for a student to be eligible for the final examination.

3.School will sanction only 7 days leave at a stretch.

4.If a student is sick on exam days, prior permission must be taken from the Principal to take the child home early.



1. Legal action will be taken against students found guilty of malpractices.

2. Any misbehaviour of the serious nature, outside the school premises that is publicly known can bring about suspension/dismissal.


1. All pupils are expected to be in school ten minutes before the morning bell. Every student is expected to be on time daily for the assembly.
2.Medium of language being English, it must be strictly followed in the school premises.
3. All kinds of damage done by pupils to the school equipment, furniture, building etc. will have to be recompensated as decided by the management.
4. No pupil is allowed to wear jewellery or bring any valuables to school.
5. If there is any problem or complaint about anything regarding school matters. it should be brought to the notice of the Principal or Manager and not to the teachers.
6.Any report of objectionable conduct on the part of pupils outside the school make them liable for disciplinary action.

7. It is advisable not to send a pupil suffering from infectious or contagious diseases to school. A medical certificate showing that the pupil is free from infection should be produced when he/she rejoins the school after such illness.
8. The school uniform is mandatory on all the working days even after the programmes and competitions on school days.
9. If a student continues to be absent for 14 days, without prior written permission of the Principal, his/her name will be struck off from the roll. In case of his/ her rejoining, re-admission fee will be charged.
10. Parents are strictly forbidden to interview children or teachers in class or outside without the permission of the principal.